Your one-stop shop for IT services in the city of Las Vegas! Providing you with high-ranking services that are equipped with a winning advantage. Everything comes to a screeching halt when your business has a major IT issue. That can cause a lot of harm for your business: Not only are your customers frustrated, but it can make your company look bad and possibly damage your brand. Las Vegas IT Consulting can help you get back up and running so the downtime and damage are minimal! Our Las Vegas IT services company is there to help when you have an IT emergency, but we also take proactive steps to keep you from having service outages, equipment problems and other forms of unexpected downtime in the first place.


Managed IT

Efficiency is imperative to all businesses, but if your technology is not running correctly or it’s out-of-date, you could be losing revenue. Your company may not be prepared to work with new IT situations if you don’t have the proper IT support with you. Inefficient or broken systems may impede your business from smooth operation! Hiring someone may be costly, and you could be losing time through it all.

Managed Backup

CaseMap aids a variety of teams to gain insights and collaborations all thanks to its host data on a server. Simply link all your valuable data together! With CaseMap, it can visually display all your data so that you can get faster insights and locate the connections to might have missed. It’s a flexible system as it’s designed for teams to streamline workflow.


V&V Telecom is avid on helping businesses reach their goals by developing, maintaining and protecting their system. It’s founded on an idea that in today’s fast-paced challenges, it needs progressive technology to provide an advantage. At V&V Telecom, we center our focus on business owners’ strategies to bridge them to a technological chasm.

Did you know? Software and hardware purchases from a business make up 25% of IT costs. Everything else is derived in an allotment of time. This is not just coming from support time, but it is also cutting productivity on employees and delivering results to clients.

We understand that when IT issues arise, business comes to a halt which potentially drives to revenue loss. This is why we are more than just a break-and-fix team. We are proactive in preventing any technological issues from arising by carefully paying attention to warning signs. With us, you’ll never have to worry about productivity loss that negatively affects your business’ reputation.

We focus our attention on staying competitive so that our clients meet their goal of activities. It is imperative to have a winning team on your side that focuses on time and resources. We opt for reliability and quality to deliver the best IT support in the city. After all, managing IT systems doesn’t have to be time-consuming for business owners. Focusing on what’s more important is crucial to get a business ahead of its competition. This where we come in!